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leaving nothing but disaster in their wake

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Miwa Shirow's DOGS
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Welcome to DOGS_MANGA, the first LiveJournal community dedicated to Miwa Shirow's manga (and now in OVA form) series DOGS. The series, which started publication in 2001 with DOGS: stray dogs howling in the dark (or DOGS: Prelude) was a one volume manga, following the events of the series' four protagonists in their dystopian world. The manga was soon followed by the one-shot Hardcore Twins, and is currently running under DOGS: bullets and carnage, which started in 2005, continuing the misadventures of Badou Nails, Heine (Haine) Rammsteiner, Naoto Fuyumine, and Mihai.
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※ Posting access is unmoderated, however irrelevant posts will be deleted ASAP. This includes solely introductory posts. Remember: if you think it will get deleted, then it probably will be.

※ Please TAG your entries accordingly. If unsure of what to tag your post as, a mod will eventually tag it.

※ Anything that contains spoilers or adult/NSFW content must be behind an LJ-CUT with fair warning stipulated outside of the LJ-CUT as a courtesy to your fellow community members.

※ Large images, fics, and icons should also go behind an LJ-CUT. Small preview images are allowed, and please keep icon teasers down to three at the maximum.

※ Community promotion is allowed, but it must be related to either DOGS or Miwa Shirow related.

※ RP advertisements are allowed, but it must be either DOGS related, related to Miwa Shirow, or multi-fandom. Please LJ-CUT any large tables and images, otherwise it will be deleted for spam and don't post an advertisement more than once or it will be deleted.

※ Sales Posts are allowed as long as you sell/request to buy anything DOGS or Miwa Shirow related, whether it be the DOGS manga or doujinshi by Miwa Shirow. However, the mods are not responsible for anything that goes wrong with any transaction and responsibility for the entire transaction from start to finish falls solely upon the parties involved.

other c o m m s & a f f.

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l i n k s o u t

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MangaTranslation's Forum for DOGS
MangaTraders DOGS page
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m a i l b o x

Got questions or concerns regarding the community or certain members? Have some ideas to help expand the community? Concerned with how the community is being run? Please do not hesitate to PM or email me, honeymelt, with anything you have on your mind regarding this community. You can also email me at lifeless.dreams(@)gmail(.)com. Just remove the parentheses, of course. I will respond to any and all PMs and emails as soon as I am able to.
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